2022 Election Information

WSHIMA Board Election FAQs

Core Competencies for All Board Volunteers

  • Adheres and Advocates for the WSHIMA appropriate codes of conduct, values honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Demonstrates Commitment to the mission, vision, values and strategy of the WSHIMA
  • Is a Team Player/Collaborator, works well on teams and fosters trust among group members and adjusts behavior in order to establish relationships with teams. Completes assigned duties and tasks
  • Respects Diversity and Fosters Inclusion, values all kinds and classes of people equitably, deals effectively with all races, cultures, disabilities, ages and genders. Ensures all voices are listened to and respected. Will wait for others to catch up before acting and is sensitive to due process and proper pacing
  • Presents a Positive Professional Image, reflects the profession as a confident, proficient, skilled, qualified expert, and qualified authority in HIM.

How long do WSHIMA Board positions last?

  • Most Board positions are 2 years.
  • President-Elect, President & Past President is a 3-year commitment.

How much of a time commitment does a position on the Board take?

  • Board of Directors Meetings:
  • Board meetings are held the 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month.
  • In-Person meetings (typically 4-5 per year) are 6-7 hours and include lunch.
  • Virtual meetings (typically 4-5 per year) are 1-2 hours.
  • Director Positions (Education, Public Relations, Advocacy and Collaboration) have duties outside the Board Meetings that may take 5-10 hours per month and include managing sub-committees.
  • Other Meetings a board member is expected to attend: The WSHIMA Fall Institute, WSHIMA Health Data and Information Conference, and the WSHIMA Strategic Planning Meeting.  Certain board members will attend the AHIMA Leadership Symposium, AHIMA National Conference, and AHIMA Hill Day.
  • In-Person Board meetings are typically held at Kaiser Permanente in Renton

Are WSHIMA Board meetings in-person or virtual?

Many of our Board meetings have been virtual the past 2 years due to the coronavirus situation.  The Board would like to resume in-person meetings four times a year plus the WSHIMA Health Data and Information conference that includes the Annual Business Meeting with members.

What if I can’t attend all of the meetings?

An excused absence is required from the WSHIMA President.

What does it cost to be on the Board?

  • Costs to the volunteer are very minimal.
  • The Board pays most expenses, including reimbursement for travel to in-person Board events, including in-person meetings four times a year and the WSHIMA Health Data and Information Conference.  In-person Board meetings include complimentary lunch and beverages.
  • If your position acts as a delegate to the National AHIMA House of Delegates, travel, customary meals and hotel expenses are paid.  The main AHIMA conference is not included but can be purchased separately.

What are some benefits I can tell my employer about volunteering with WSHIMA?

  • You will learn leadership and team-building skills to advance your career.
  • You will meet other successful people in HIM who are willing to share their knowledge and experience
  • Certain positions will give you access to reduced cost CEU credits that you must have to maintain your credential (which is usually required for your job)
  • Serving on the board gives you (and your employer) visibility at the State and National level as a valuable volunteer for WSHIMA and AHIMA

Other benefits

  • You will meet people who will become not only contacts and mentors but people who will become lifelong friends.
  • You will have experiences that will stretch your knowledge of HIM, help you to keep current and guide your career path.

What training or preparation is offered for new board members?

  • Exiting Board officers will train their incoming replacements.
  • Upcoming AHIMA educational modules will be available to orient new Board members to their positions and responsibilities.

I’m currently not in a leadership role, does that matter?

You are welcome no matter what role you are currently in. However, the President-Elect should have some working knowledge of Board structure and functionality.