Stevin Tarbill - New Client Associate
Founded in 2012 in Atlanta, GA, ChartRequest is a healthcare information technology and services company that specializes in electronic medical record fulfillment, outsourced medical record fulfillment, and referral management solutions. The company leverages forward-thinking strategies and innovation to deliver automated, HIPAA-compliant solutions that empower solo physician practices, large group practices, national urgent care platforms, imaging centers, community hospitals, and integrated delivery networks to streamline their operations and reduce their overhead. In addition, ChartRequest provides a secure, paperless release of information platform for legal firms, insurance companies, ERE users, and other requestors that need to protect sensitive and business-critical information.

ChartRequest is dedicated to eliminating manual and paper processes in ROI and referral management in order to realize 100 percent electronic workflows for its clients and staff. Since its establishment, the company has managed more than 500,000 secure requests for protected health information on behalf of its providers. The network using its services to exchange vital continuation of care documentation currently comprises over 5,000 healthcare providers in 49 states. For more information, visit