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Management of Health Information in Washington State Federal and State Regulations

(formerly called the WSHIMA Legislative Manual)

Updated 4-2-2020

Author: John Christiansen, Christiansen IT Law

Legal Portal Description

Management of Health Information in Washington State – Federal and State Regulations is a completely new, up-to-date look at the changes the legislation of the last several years has complicated how Health Care providers and Health Information Managers document and manage health information.  New Federal Laws such as the Affordable Care Act, the HITECH Act, and the Omnibus Rule and substantial amendments to Washington’s Uniform Health Care Information Act have changed some of the fundamentals of release of information, access to healthcare information and other related issues of concern to healthcare providers and the professionals who manage the information.

The following Table of Contents show the topics covered:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Explanation of the Principle Laws
  3. Patient Notices, Authorizations, and Consent
  4. Minors
  5. Personal Representatives
  6. Patient Rights with Respect to Information Access
  7. General Rules for Release of Information
  8. Disclosures for Legal Proceedings
  9. Sensitive Information: Sexually Transmitted diseases
  10. Sensitive Information: Alcohol and Drug Treatment
  11. Sensitive Information: Mental Health Information
  12. Vital Statistics Reporting
  13. Communicable Disease and Other Public Health Reporting
  14. Decedents, Coroner, and Medical Examiner Reporting
  15. Use and Disclosure for Research Purposes
  16. Responding to unauthorized Disclosure of Information, Security Breaches and Identity Theft
  17. A Complete Glossary of Terms

About the Author

John R. Christiansen has been practicing health information law in Washington since the early 1990s. His clients include hospitals and other health care providers, government agencies and academic institutions, and technology service vendors.  He is active in national and regional professional associations including WSHIMA, and is currently Chair of the Washington State Bar Association Health Law Section.

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